Do you ever feel like
Goldilocks in your creative business? 

You’ve been looking for the best way to learn the ropes, but all the courses you’ve tried in the past were much too easy or much too hard… never “just right.”

You may not feel comfortable asking the tough questions in a room (or online group) full of other people. Yikes!

You may have a slew of unrelated questions, ranging from camera settings to sales projections, and no single class can answer everything on your mind.

You may be in desperate need of accountability, making sure you implement everything you’ve learned (rather than shoving your cute notebook under a stack of junk mail).

So what can possibly meet all of the needs of your business?

Designed around your questions, concerns, and goals, I will share my expertise in an efficient and focused manner. 

Your time is valuable, and in the matter of a few hours, we can pinpoint painstaking hurdles in your business and create specific and time-bound action lists. 

You will walk away with more clarity and accountability than ever before. 

Customized Business Coaching Sessions

Coaching topics Include:

With great power comes great responsibility. Understanding your group’s dynamics can reduce conflict and elevate your efficacy as a leader.

Stepping into the role of educator AND event planner is intense! Learn how to create all the perfect content and plan all the minute details at the right time in the right order.

Do you dream of breaking loose from the cubicle jail? Hold on a minute. Let’s make sure you’ve got a legible roadmap to success.

Before you post another photo to social media… Do you know who you are talking to and why? Create a strategy to engage with your prospective clients in the most meaningful way to them.

Were you born to be creative but struggle to understand financial jargon? Get a crash course and learn how to interpret your monthly reports.

Are you charging enough to cover your costs? Did you include enough to pay Uncle Sam… and yourself? (Most Popular)


Customized Business Coaching Sessions

Your creative business wasn't built in a day, so it is entirely reasonable to need all of the above... and then some! 

Ongoing business coaching is perfect for someone who:

- Needs a system of accountability

- Needs consistent action steps and a plan

- Needs positive reinforcement (or tough love!)

- Needs more access to my ever-growing knowledge bank

- Needs continuous consulting and mentorship as he/she grows

>> very limited to a select few <<

What's included in Ongoing Coaching?

- Two action-packed phone (or video) calls per month with me (never an assistant or mystery guest)! Each call is sixty minutes in length and we will each have due-outs. I promise to bring stellar new content and you must report on steps taken since the previous call. Pinky promise? (always recorded for your reviewing and entertainment purposes)

- Homework that'll make you love your business even more. Forget about those boring worksheets and grades. I'll keep you accountable in making progress with your business goals without threatening to call your parents. 

- 24/7 access to me via Voxer, a walkie talkie app. Perfect for those midday (or midnight) simple questions you can't get off your mind. The more pointed and intentional questions you have, the more well-thought answers you will receive!

- FREE access to the ever-growing vault of Tactical Entrepreneur guides, templates, and other paid resources for the duration of your coaching program


bi-weekly phone calls

24/7 access via voxEr

access to all guides & templates

workshop specialty pricing

same-day email support