Tuesdays Together Appleton | August 2018 Branding Meeting

Tuesdays Together Appleton | August 2018 Branding Meeting

For this months Tuesdays Together Appleton Chapter meeting, we talked all about Branding!! We had Rachael of Rhino Branding and Chris of Smooth Marketing as our guest speakers and they did an amazing job!! I did a huge recap on our Tuesdays Together Appleton Facebook Page but am sharing some tidbits on the blog as well. I’m always encouraging folks to come to our live meetings because that’s truly where you get the most of out the group. The personal relationships and networks that are naturally formed and the collaboration between creatives working towards one common goal of raising each other up for the better of themselves and this creative community.

Podcasts and Audible Book Recommendations

Smart Passive Income

Goal Digger

Audible Books: The Conversion Code, Killing Marketing, 1 Page Marketing Plan

What makes your brand? What influences others to your brand?

3 key things: Be Known, Be Liked, Be Trusted

Blogs are not dead folks!!!

It’s easy to look at the social media game and think that blogs are totally dead…am I right? But that’s where we are wrong folks!!!

Social media outlets like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest….SURPRISE…they don’t belong to YOU. That’s right. If Facebook or Instagram got shut down, where would people find you? Hear about you? Know you and see your history? Thing is…only your very own website and blog. Because YOU own that.

Blogging is so important to getting your voice and your brand out there to whomever is there to take your content. And it will live there for as long as you choose to let it. Blogs are not tied to another entity and therefore, has more permanency. Hence the value in writing blogs to showcase your expertise and your knowledge in the areas that you are most known for and have the most to educate on.

The Rising Tide Blog

There is also a TON of free information on The Rising Tide Society blog. Like these links below!

6 Branding Sins You Need to Avoid

Does Your Brand Tell a Good Story

4 Simple Ways to Increase Your Brand Awareness

Email Marketing is #1

Tying back to owning your blog…you own your email list. You may have thousands of followers and then some…but they don’t really belong to you. They belong to the Social Media unit that is housing your profile. If that dies, your following is lost in the wind. Your email is is something that you control and is still to this day, the best way of marketing.

So, what’s up?

Let’s recap a few other things.

Rachael at Rhino Branding also shares 5 Tips when Preparing for your First Branding Session. Tips that we covered at our meeting.

If you are seeking a company to really watch…check out Red Bull Media House. SO MUCH MORE than energy drinks. In fact, they could care less about selling energy drinks because they OWN the content marketing game!

Thank you!

Many thanks to our speakers and to Janel of BumblePuppy for hosting our August meeting!!

tuesdays together appleton tuesdays together appleton

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