Tuesdays Together Appleton | June 2018 SEO Meeting

The Rising Tide Society | Tuesdays Together Appleton

June 2018 Meeting – SEO and Keywords

The Rising Tide Society is a group that started as a conversation among two friends in a coffee shop over 3 years ago. Entrepreneurship is a lonely road. The co-founders were both talented professional photographers and friends that came up with this group. The whole idea was to gather together once a month and talk about overarching topics relatable in the industry. Hence, Tuesdays Together Appleton among the many chapters. One key item was that these discussions would revolve around “community over competition”. With working for yourselves, it’s easy to feel competitive and hold in your thoughts. While this may be great, we end up suffering alone wondering if anyone else is in the same boat. Unanswered questions followed by unresolved business concerns and issues.

With this creation that was meant to be just a “summer project”; it blossomed into over 400 chapters called “Tuesdays Together” groups all over the world. Meeting on the second Tuesday of the month and discussing relevant industry topics. I am so thankful to co-lead our Appleton Tuesdays Together group with my friend and copywriter, Emilie Steinmann.

This month we celebrated our very own chapters’ 3 year anniversary with some delicious bakery treats from Manderfield’s. Fresh peonies picked right from Emilie’s backyard made for a beautiful display at The Draw in Appleton. We were so thrilled to have this venue open their doors to our group meeting and anniversary celebration. We were even lucky enough to have 2 guest speakers from Smooth.Marketing and Rhino Branding in the house!!

What is SEO?

SEO and Keywords can get super “techy” and most creative entrepreneurs didn’t go into running their own business to learn how to do this stuff. And this is exactly why there are professionals out there that we can rely on. SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”. In the end, it’s your “Googleability”. How easy is it for people to locate you and your business in the never ending universe that is the “world wide web”?

Our speakers Chris and Racheal broke it down to a third grade level to really help us understand the structure, expectations, and what we can do NOW to help our SEO rankings. We have a ton of discussion questions regarding this topic that have been floating around in our Tuesdays Together Appleton Facebook Group. Our group along with any Tuesdays Together group is always free to join. And because Facebook is so awesome and has a search tool bar in every group page, you can even go into archives and look for just about anything topic using keywords that we may have discussed in the past.

Overall, we learned a ton and our members really walked away filled with valuable information. I’m so thankful for this community of creative entrepreneurs that have entered my life and will forever be grateful that Rising Tide Society started those years ago to help give me hope that I was not alone.

Vendors and Special Mentions

Venue: The Draw | Co-Leader: Emilie Steinmann | Speakers: Smooth.Marketing & Rhino Branding | Bakery Items: Manderfield’s Bakery

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  1. Chris Rowe

    June 15th, 2018 at 6:51 pm

    Thank you so much for letting me present. It has always been a passion of mine to develop websites and SEO is one massive chapter in that story. With thoughtful and organized actions toward achieving optimal SEO a website can be more than just a website!